Fiber To The Home FTTH

FTTH is an attractive solution for network builders as the core fiber technology is future proof, meaning it will be able to support broadband demands for the foreseeable future. Fiber cables have virtually unlimited capacity.

Air Blown Fiber Optics

With Air Blown Fiber, customers can install the infrastructure throughout a building and even across the campus without having to over-build their fiber optic system.

Air Blown Microduct

The optical network construction based on microduct system is a proved, flexible and cost effective solution, with our accumulated knowledge from design and installation for more than 15 years, we provide solutions and services including network design by experienced engineers.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a centralized installation which allows the integration and interconnectivity of voice, data, video, security, etc. (consisting of cable and hardware like patch panels and other connectivity products) to be wired to a common location for access, testing, and future growth.

Gigabyte Passive Optical Network GPON

GPON is a telecommunications access technology that uses fiber-optic cabling to reach the user. This fiber optic technology provides faster data transmission and reception through a single fiber, with a point-to-multipoint architecture, which allows home optical fiber (FTTH), or a building (FTTB)