Air Blown Microduct

The optical network construction based on microduct system is a proved, flexible and cost effective solution, with our accumulated knowledge from design and installation for more than 15 years, we provide solutions and services including network design by experienced engineers.

Micro Technology is a term given to smaller conduits and fiber used in Inside and Outside Plant Construction (ISP and OSP). Microducts were developed as a solution to house fiber cables that were smaller in size, but still carried significant capacity. The glass fibers are the same type as those used in traditional fiber cables, only the cable design has been altered to reduce the diameter of the cable sheath and support system. Microducts bundled under one sheath are called Air Blown Microduct and provide multiple ducts in one structure for future expansion of networks.

For several years, SIPTECH has successfully carried out microduct projects ranging from inbuilding, FTTH, intra-city to long distance in many projects, with this knowledge of skilled engineers and quality products of providing microduct total solution to our customers.

Micro ducts are tubes with an inner low friction surface that enables air blown installation of fiber optic micro cables.

Benefits of Microduct comparing to Conventional Duct

  • Micro Size
  • Low CAPEX
  • Easy Installation
  • Short Installation Time
  • Reduced Fusion Splicing Points

Types of Microduct 

There are several types of Microduct to be used for many installation scenarios

  • Primary Microduct 
  • Direct install outdoor Microduct
  • Direct burial outdoor Microduct
  • Thick Walled Microduct
  • LSZH Indoor Microduct
  • Aerial Microduct
  • Custom made Microduct